We serve communion to anyone who would like to participate in this meal.

In the Bible, which is God’s story written down for us, Jesus celebrates a meal called Passover, which is a Jewish holiday, with his friends. And after the meal, with all the people he loves surrounding him he does something very special. Check out the story HERE in Luke 22.

So what is Communion?

Simply put communion is a meal shared within the family of our church. Our baptist history calls communion an “ordinance,” which means that communion is a part of our belief system that helps us to identify and demonstrate our faith. FBC Kelowna uses the term “sacrament” to explain communion. We’re a bit different than other baptist churches in that way. A sacrament is an outward expression of the inward grace that Jesus gives us

So what’s in Communion?

Communion is a simple meal of bread and wine or juice. It’s a meal people have eaten countless times outside of the church, and countless times we’ve gathered together at the communion table. The bread is a symbol of Christ’s body, and how it was broken on our behalf. He asks us to take it and eat it together as a family, to remember him. The juice or wine is a symbol of Christ’s blood, and how it was spilled out on our behalf. He asks us to drink the wine or juice to remember him. This meal connects us to a rich history. And it connects us to the people who celebrated the meal before we did. 

Ask your kids these questions:

  1. What does communion mean to you?
  2. What does the bread represent?
  3. What does the juice represent?
  4. Why do we do it?
  5. Do you feel ready to participate in communion with your church family?