We value intergenerational church life. This means that kids are important to us, and we recognize how we can learn about our own faith while we encourage and teach them. 

Our kids meet weekly during the Sunday Worship Gathering for our Sunday School (Kid's Club). We also have family or kids-specific events throughout the year. Email Pastor Carlee ([email protected]) for more details, or register your kids for our Kid's Club. 

Sunday Mornings
Kid's Club
Hey parents,  we are very excited to announce our new curriculum provider, GROW! Like DIG IN before them, they resource churches like ours with planned content. Our new series is called "Blast Off!
Kid's Club will be set up a bit differently this fall. All lessons for all grades will be held in the gym/ We will start with our main teaching, and instead of moving into classrooms, we will move to our assigned tables. This gives us a chance to build capacity and teach new teachers as well as leave space for those who aren't ready to return to in person teaching yet. 
Our Kid's Club programming will be adhering to all protocols set in place by our leadership. If you have any questions about a COVID safety plan, please refer to the weekly email, or Pastor Carlee for more information. 
We are very glad to get to start our kids programming again. We look forward to knowing your kids this year and we are praying that their relationship with God grows this year! 
~Carlee Turner. 
Kid's Lessons