Neighbourhood Groups are intergenerational small groups that gather in their neighbourhoods to live out the calling of loving God and others.

We do this in the context of where people live because we believe that doing so gives everybody a place to belong, no matter their stage of life, interests, or gender. We believe that we are better in our diversity. Basing our groups on Neighbourhoods also helps us simplify life and care for creation by reducing driving time and taking ownership of our neighbourhoods. 


At FBC Kelowna, our Neighbourhood groups gather in their neighbourhoods to know the following: 
  • that we belong to a group of people who know, accept, love and support us
  • that we know who we are through our relationship with Jesus
  • that we make a difference in the world by loving our neighbours. 
Neighbourhood groups are intergenerational and meet about once a month. We would love to have you if you want to join a Neighbourhood Group. We will need to know where you live to ensure you are in the appropriate group. All are welcome! Please send your inquiries to