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Sunday March 28

Jesus, As we celebrate the 6th Sunday of Lent, we also take joy in celebrating your triumphant arrival. In a year where we cannot watch our community’s children wave palm branches, let us reflect on the years passed, and the way that you arrive in victory every day. Amen.

March 29

God, let us love you and love others where we live and where we gather every day. Amen.

March 30

Holy Spirit, influence us to do good things, and to look at the ways in which we are hurting others, with our words, actions, or social media posts. Amen.

March 31

Jesus, thank you for the ways you have freed us. Amen.

April 1

Jesus, today is Maundy Thursday. Today you gave your church the gift of the communion meal, as you first served your disciples. Be with those today celebrating Passover at home. Amen.

April 2

God, Father, Son, and Spirit. As we reflect on the sacrifice you have made for us on the cross, let our hearts be moved. We pray that we would lean into the feelings and experience your deep love for us. Amen.

April 3

Jesus. Be with all those people on the cusp of accepting you as their Lord today. Encourage them in their steps towards you, and allow them to know your love. Amen.

Sunday April 4

He is Risen! Jesus thank you for the way you have defeated sin and death and the ways in which you are continually working in our lives. Amen.

April 5

Lord, as Lent ends, we thank you for the ways in which we have caught glimpses of your love, your sovereignty, your kingdom, and your grace. Amen.