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March 1

Holy Spirit, ensure all our words and actions point towards you. Let us be an encouragement and a source of light to those in our lives. Amen. 

March 2

Perfect and constant God, give us the strength to follow our convictions even when it’s hard, or easier to submit to the world’s desires. Amen.

March 3

Jesus, be with those struggling with mental health. Allow us to break down stigma and walls as we comfort those in our community. Amen.

March 4

God, be with our frontline workers as they do critical work in many different fields. Amen.

March 5

Christ, who loves the church, be with our elders and pastors as they navigate their way through this season. Amen.

March 6

Father, convict us to be people who honour your will for your creation. Amen.

Sunday, March 7

Jesus, on the third Sunday of lent, give us the patience and bravery to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading, as we move towards your resurrection.