Weekly Home Guide

This guide is a tool to help you give your attention to God throughout the week as you gather as a household.

Step 1: Music


I Wait

Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

Away In A Manger

Step 2: Turn to God’s word.

Luke 2:8-20

Step 3: Pray

Seek God through prayer

  • Pray for hope for those on the margins
  • Pray that God's hope would be known and felt in our communities, and shared with our neighbours


Step 4: Benediction

Close your time.

Go into your work places, schools, homes, and communities feeling the presence of the hope in Jesus Christ, and let it affect you in all you do.  


Step 5: Questions

1. Where did the Shepherds find the Messiah? Do you think they found him as expected?
2. What does where He was found say about who He is and who He is for? 
3. Are you finding Jesus in this difficult time? Where? Discuss.